Brewday – Cascade Single Hop

Brewday – Cascade Single Hop

After waking up annoyingly early for a Sunday morning and unable to get back to sleep, I decided to make best use of the time and brew a new beer!

As my packet of Cascade hops was opened last week for the batch of pale ale I brewed I thought I would use them again and after a bit of contemplation, I decided to keep things simple and brew a Cascade single hop ale.

I’ve never used the same hop to bitter and then add aroma to my beer and I’m interested to see how this one comes out.

This will be essentially an American pale ale style beer however I’ve used a strain of English ale yeast as it was the only yeast I had in…

The Cascade hops should bring a flowery citrus quality to the ale with hints of grapefruit. I won’t let you know the exact amount of hops I used in the boil (brewers secret!) but I’ve used a lot more in this than I do for most of my other beers so I’m hoping this one comes out pretty hoppy.

It will be ready to drink on 01/03/15 and should be roughly 5% ABV.

Looking forward to sampling it come March and seeing if it’s worth developing further…