A brief introduction

A brief introduction

Hello and welcome to the online home of Back Lane Brewery. We are based in the idyllic market town of Ulverston in Cumbria. Founded by two friends with a shared love for all things hoppy.

A bit about the brewery

It all started (as these things often do) over a few beers. “Can you imagine how good it would feel to walk into a pub and order a pint of beer that we brewed?”. The answer was that we could imagine it and that it would feel amazing.

This leads us to where we are now, about to embark on our own great adventure into the world of craft brewing. We intend to devote all of our spare time (well a lot of it anyway) into making this dream become a reality. The result of this is Back Lane Brewery.

We are Ulverston’s newest craft brewery (albeit non commercial while we hone our craft). A very small batch brewery with a passion for both traditional English ales and the more modern varieties. Our aim is to produce the kinds of beer that we like to drink ourselves. From hoppy and refreshing ‘session’ beers to more experimental blends; but all with an unparalleled attention to detail and taste.

A bit about us
Scott Bremner – Managing Director & Head Brewer

Born in Kendal and raised in Ulverston. A Senior Account Co-ordinator for Siemens Subsea midweek and keen home brewer come the weekend. The grandiose title of Managing Director was given to Scott mainly due to the business degree he gained through 4 years of study at Edinburgh Napier University. His interest in beer (like most people’s) has developed steadily since his early college years and his interest in brewing could have been subliminally instilled through various brewery and distillery tours over years of family holidays… Recently discovered his great granddad was a Drayman for a brewery in Glasgow so beer is in the blood!

Henry Gummett – Creative Director & Brewer

A graphic designer by trade and originally hailing from the small village of Scales, just a few miles from Ulverston; but currently living and working in Newcastle. Although his formative drinking years were embarrassingly spent with poor quality commercial lagers (everyone has to start somewhere) He has since become a firm proponent of locally brewed ales and makes a point of always trying something different. His enthusiasm sometimes leaves him with a sore head in the morning but it’s all  in the name of ‘research’. Henry is in charge of the brewery’s branding, packaging, photography and website.

Our business aims

As already mentioned our original aim was simply to be able to order a pint of our own beer in a local pub. We have since added to this the possibility of entering one of our beers into Ulverstons annual Beer Festival (usually held in September); however, in order to do this we need to perfect our recipes, increase our production and develop the branding and packaging.

Our main task this year to move into all grain brewing and perfect our signature beer No 9. A blend of a traditional English beer and a more modern American style ale. An easy drinking Pale Ale with light citrus notes and a hoppy finish.

While we hone our skills we have no intention of launching to the public. We are both perfectionists and want to ensure our beer is the best it can be. Of course, it will be a continuous learning and improvement process as we tweak the recipes, learn new techniques and invest in new equipment.

We will use this blog to document the entire process of launching Back Lane Brewery. Sharing with you all of the steps in our journey to become a fully fledged, operating Nano Brewery. Our hope is that this will both help inspire others to go after their dreams and give an insight into our brewery.