February Update

February Update

Just a brief update of what’s been going on these past few weeks, starting with some bad news…


The first batch of no9 this year has not turned out as well as expected. The taste of the beer itself seems like an improvement with the introduction of Cascade hops which is a big plus however, the beer has not carbonated during conditioning as it should have leaving it decidedly flat. A little tweak to the sugar levels at bottling stage and I think it will come out just right. A new batch will be brewed this weekend and will be ready come the end of March.

New porter / dark ale beer:

Last weekend we were feeling very experimental indeed. Possibly inspired by the great tasting Lancaster Black sampled during our recent visit, we brewed a brand new porter style beer using dark crystal and chocolate malts as well as Challenger hops for bittering and Cascade hops for the aroma. We’re really not too sure what to expect for this one but it smelt great straight after the boil. This is our first attempt at a truly dark ale and we can’t wait to see how it comes out. Depending on its quality, we may well aim to make this one of our two core ales that we plan to have perfected come the end of the year (No9 pale ale being the 1st) so watch this space… The as yet unnamed beer will be ready mid March.

Update 23/02/15 – The beer has now been bottled and is definitely more a dark ale than a porter, coming out with a nice red tint Here’s to mid March when we get to sample it for the first time!



Website and branding:

As ever the design process at Back Lane Brewery is ongoing. This month, after numerous tweaks we have finalised the design of the current incarnation of our website. Never ones to rest on our laurels, designs for the next version are already underway. Not to give too much away but it will be a much more in depth site that will hopefully form the basis of the brewery, going forward.

Another aspect to the design side is our branding. As we continue to develop what exactly it is that we want Back Lane Brewery to become, the eventual launch of our identity draws ever closer. A sneak peek of some preliminary sketches can be seen in the main image. Needless to say exciting things are afoot.


February has also involved a whole lot of research. While we may not have written any pub reviews this month we have been conducting different forms of research. From experimenting with some lesser known beer styles, recent tastings of Black IPAs and Barley Wine have opened us up to a whole new world of interesting flavours and varieties. It has also been a time of literary research, into home brewing, the history of beer and business in general. Next month will see the start of a new series of posts, which will go into depth about these books, the lessons we have learnt from them and how they have influenced us.

A final note:

Friday the 13th was Scott’s Mum’s 50th which was celebrated at one of our local favourites, the Welly in Loppergarth. Alas no True Brit on tap (that popular that it ran out before the next batch was ready!) however plenty of the other great Healy regular ales were on tap as well as the exciting news that a new L.P.A (Loppergarth Pale Ale) will be ready in the next week or so.

The night was topped off with Ross and Scott performing several crowd pleasing numbers on guitar. Their rendition of I’m gonna be (500 miles) by the Proclaimers with backy provided by Scott’s dad and ‘Boothy’ practically raised the roof…

Happy Birthday Karen!