No 9 – Brewday

No 9 – Brewday

The first brewday of 2015 is complete!

Today I decided to work on our pale ale No9 following some good feedback from friends that attended the brewery’s first ‘Beer festival’ just after Christmas.

The current No9 uses Challenger, East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops. However I have decided to change out the Styrian Goldings for Cascade in order to see how that effects the taste.

The current No9 is very drinkable and I may revert back to the original recipe in the future but at the moment I’m interested to see what the more pungent and citrus Cascade hops do to the brew. I’m hoping to get something that is equally as drinkable as the current version but getting closer towards a hoppy American style ale without it being too overpowering.

An American twist on a classic English pale ale if you will.

If the experiment works out well, I haven’t decided whether it will replace the current No9 ale or if it will become a new beer… Only time will tell. The development of all of our beers will be featured on this blog, so stay tuned to find out the latest.

The beer will be ready on 08/02/15 so if you want to give it a try just let me know.