Scotts March Update

Scotts March Update

This has been the first month since we started, that myself and Henry have not been able to meet up in order to discus brewery related plans over a few cold beers. Far from a bad sign, this is simply testament to how busy we have both been. Rest assured that next month there are already two weekend visits planned. I have been working on perfecting new beer styles and jetting off to Singapore for a week, for work, but with enough spare time for some spirited beer related research. Henry’s monthly review will be coming in a few days and expect a series of posts about my time in Singapore next week.

New Porter/Dark Ale

The experimental porter/dark beer is now ready and it’s nowhere near as dark as expected, coming out brown with a nice red tint. A malty taste is initially apparent before the pleasant aroma of the Cascade hops comes through. For a first attempt of a darker ale, we’re very pleased with how it has turned out. A few tweaks and we may well have a core ale on our hands!

Cascade Single Hop Ale

Early March, the Cascade Single Hop Ale brewed back in January was ready for a taste and we have to say, this one is a real winner. Very light ale and incredibly refreshing, this one will need to be brewed in bigger quantities in time for the summer as it will be perfect for a nice warm day in the garden. The citrus notes of the Cascade hops are apparent but not overpowering making it a perfect session beer. So popular with our selected product testers the batch is already gone! (bar one saved for tasting at the Newcastle branch on the brewery…)

No9 Batch 2

After the disappointment of the first batch of No9 this year it was time to make amends however come brew day the brewery was short of stock of the light malt extract required so it had to be substituted for a darker medium malt extract. The same recipe that proved so popular at the breweries first ‘beer festival’ back at Christmas was used again with the exception the change in malt extract so this time it will be not so pale. Will be good to see what effects this has on the taste. With the success of the Cascade Single Hop Ale, if this batch comes out to the required standard we could well have a Back Lane Bitter on our hands! Also with the discovery that Coniston Brewery do a No9 Barely wine a name change will definitely be need… The beer will be ready in early April.

Brewery expansion

Currently a 7 litre batch operation, the brewery will need to expand somewhat to make it on the commercial scene. While we are not delusional and know that we are only at the start of our journey with small scale commercial success being a distant dream, we are in need of making some expansion in our operation this year if we want to be in contention for putting a beer into the Ulverston Beer Festival in 2016.
Brewery Setup

Via some business negotiations, Back Lane Brewery have secured a garage in the small village of Swarthmoor just outside Ulverston as a base for our future expansion. Although the premises has running water, there is no drainage to speak of so stage one of the expansion is to install a sink. The sink has already been sourced free of charge through Millers scrap merchants in Ulverston (free beers heading their way soon!) and we will look to but this in place in the next couple of months. Next on the list is a new boiler. We will need to be able to make big enough batch to fill one keg/cask in order to have any sort of commercial operation so the boiler will need to be able to accommodate this volume of liquid. Research is underway and we are hopeful that the new boiler will be purchased and in place come the end of summer. There is also a need to move into all grain brewing in the near future so some significant investments are going to have to be made this year. All donations welcome! Further information of the breweries expansion will be in next month’s update so watch this space. Something like the above is the eventual aim.

North Lonsdale Show – Beer competition

It was drawn to our attention that North Lonsdale Show have a beer breweing competition so we have made it this years aim to pick up one of the prizes! Catergories for entry include Lager, Pale ale, Bitter, IPA, Dry Stout and Porter with 2 beers maximum beer catagroy. We plan to enter at least two or three beers this year most likely in the Pale Ale, Bitter and IPA sections. The show is held in the village of Urswick outside of Ulverston on 29/07/15 so head on down to see if we pick up a prize!