The Wellington Inn

The Wellington Inn

The Wellington Inn or ‘the Welly’ is a great little pub located in the rural village of Loppergarth about 2 miles outside of Ulverston towards Barrow-in-Furness. It is also the home of Healey’s Brewery. On a blustery Friday night we decided to make the short trip there to try out their newest pint on offer ‘True Brit’ and it was defiantly worth the trip!

When we arrived it turned out to be darts night so the atmosphere inside was great.
We started things off with the pint we had made the trip for, True Brit, named so as all its hops are sourced from our fair isle.

This is a traditional pale ale so no overpowering hop aroma here but that doesn’t mean it lacks flavour. It is a very crisp and refreshing pint and the sort of ale I enjoy the most. Since the landlord Darren started the brewery in 2012 his beers have gone from strength to strength and True Brit is testament to how good he’s got and a lends promise to more excellent brews in future. I would put this pint up there as one of my favourite beers.

After True Brit going down so well I sampled a pint of his Best. The Best is a traditional darker ale and unlike many darker ales I’ve had, this one does not sit heavy in the stomach. Very smooth and thirst quenching with hints of chocolate and toffee from the malt. This one surprised me more than the True Brit which I expected I would enjoy. I could quite happily sit and drink his Best all night.

For the 3rd pint I moved onto Welly Blonde which I’ve had numerous times before. A firm favourite at the Ulverston Beer festival along with Welly Gold (which unfortunately was not on tap tonight). The Blonde is again a traditional pale ale but with a slightly stronger hop aroma than True Brit and I can highly recommend it. Come the 4th pint I returned to True Brit but others in the group sampled the Mild and a half and half of Mild and True Brit. I’m not a huge fan of mild but I tried some and as mild goes it was pretty decent. The Mild and True Brit was surprisingly good. Can’t say I’ve ever really contemplated mixing pints like this before (my Dad ordered this as by this time of the night he was reminiscing about his youth when Brown & Mild was his drink of choice; no brown ale was available hence the True Brit & Mild!) but I’d happily drink it if it was bought for me.

During the 4th pints the darts had finished (the Welly had won) and I had won first prize in the darts team raffle; a big breakfast platter!

All the darts and beer had gone to my head so just before we left I challenged my Dad to a game. Unfortunately I was easily beaten…

All in all, despite losing to my Dad at darts, it was nice casual night in a friendly local and the fact that the beer is brewed 5m from the bar puts the Welly a cut above the rest.

Highly recommended.